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Besides that, I'm OK: Well-being in Caribbean and American adolescents and youth


Education & Psychology

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A total of 235 adolescents and college students from Aruba, St. Lucia, Tennessee, and Alabama participated in this study that measured various aspects of well-being. The Life Factors Questionnaire measured participants' responses on such self-reported measures as health, intelligence, subjective well-being, responses to stress, optimism, depressive symptoms, and on several open-ended queries of participants' perceptions on life goals, role models, and important values. Results show that overall groups were quite similar on most of the well-being variables measured. Older participants tended to report more depressive symptoms than their younger counterparts. American adolescents and college students had more depressive symptoms than their Caribbean counterparts. Seventh-Day Adventist adolescents reported twice as many depressive symptoms than students from different religious affiliations (Roman Catholic and other religions).

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