Richards, Andrew

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Objective: The National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) launched the next- generation NCLEX (NGN) in April 2023. Pre-licensure nursing faculty are unprepared for the change in teaching and evaluating nursing students' clinical judgment skills. Method: This was a quantitative workshop intervention with a pre-post survey. Intervention: Two-hour online and in-person workshops were held between August and October 2022 on how to create unfolding case studies following NCSBN’s clinical judgment measurement model. A template was created for use by participants, with samples to follow along. Results: There was a significant difference

in preparedness and confidence in those who attended the 2-hour workshop. Using a paired t-test, the means of the pre-NGSE-M scores [M=30.47, SD= 5.234, N= 57] were significantly different from the post scores [M= 35.33, SD= 3.823, N= 57], t(56) = -4.860, p = .000. Conclusion: Workshops were a positive way to increase confidence, preparedness, and networking opportunities among nursing faculty preparing students for NGN.

Key Words: Next Generation NCLEX, NGN, workshops, unfolding case studies