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Course Management Systems (CMS) are used to support the growing trend of colleges and universities to offer classes at a distance, and to use technology to provide resources and communication with and for students in traditional classroom settings. Actual use and success of these systems has been mixed in practice, however, for reasons which are not entirely clear.

The theory of Diffusion of Innovations (DOI) described and codified by Everett M. Rogers in 1962 is used to describe how innovations are selected, adopted, and brought to bear on the needs of people with jobs to do. Gary C. Moore and Izak Benbasat extended this theory with constructs specific to Information Technology (IT).

This study applies the Moore and Benbasat constructs to the area of CMS, in a situation where software is being upgraded through the installation of a newer version. We investigate how the Moore & Benbasat constructs describe the impacts on the diffusion of the CMS in a specific case study.