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Spring 5-2021


This study quantified teacher perceptions and their observations of school community interactive attachments. Observed attachments through teacher perceptions classified school communities as caring. Elementary school teachers in the southern United States districts volunteered, in order to determine the significance of school-based taught or learned character education principles in comparison with caring attachments. Data were collected using the Caring Community Profile – II questionnaire, which measures the participants’ attitudes by the extent to which they agree or disagree with a statement. The results clarified the significance of character education programs that identify school communities as caring.

Additionally, the findings answered the study’s research questions and hypotheses. The major findings determined that not only can teacher observations label their school environments but teachers in general connect school stakeholders, and teacher influence has a significant impact on positive community character education growth. Ultimately, the study concludes the significance of character education programs or the lack thereof and the potential ethical impact character education curriculums can have in society.