This collection includes works by faculty of the History and Political Studies Department at Southern Adventist University.


Submissions from 2023

Military Campaigns and the Location of Shipbuilding in Antiquity, Mills McArthur


Introducing the History of Science through Games at a Religious University, Michael Weismeyer

Submissions from 2022


Review: Edgar J. Goodspeed: America's First Papyrologist, by Todd M. Hickey and James G. Keenan, Mills McArthur

Submissions from 2021

Leadership training creating healthy work environments by enhancing knowledge regarding CliftonStrengths and Emotional Intelligence., Ronda Christman, Cynthia Gettys, Robert Overstreet, Laura Racovita, Polina Kadatska, Lucas Patterson, and Michael Weismeyer

Submissions from 2018


My Adventist Family History: Myths, Oral History and the Archives, Lisa Clark Diller


Unexpected Scope for Work: Black Women Doctors and the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Lisa Clark Diller

Submissions from 2017


“Lessening the Pope’s Greatness” : Bishop Gilbert Burnet’s Seventeenth Century Writing of the History of the Reformation in England, Lisa Clark Diller

Submissions from 2016


“The Grand Turk and Inquisitor: Huguenot Immigrants and the Black Legend in 17th Century England”, Lisa Clark Diller

Submissions from 2014


Gilbert Burnet’s Contested History, Lisa Clark Diller


“Ill-informed passions,” “candor and evenness” and “superficial writers”: Gilbert Burnet and the “Other” Historians of the English Reformation, Lisa Clark Diller


Teaching Denominational History: A Survey of US Adventist Colleges and Universities, Lisa Clark Diller

Submissions from 2011


A Catholic Reformations of Manners, Lisa Clark Diller

Submissions from 2010


How Dangerous, the Protestant Stranger? Huguenots and the Formation of British Identity c. 1685-1715, Lisa Clark Diller

Submissions from 2008


Protestant and Catholic Cooperation in Early Modern England, Lisa Clark Diller


Romans Jest at the Protestant Test or How Catholic Missions and Debate Changed Protestant Minds about Toleration, Lisa Clark Diller