God-The Answer

Document Type

Formal Lecture

Publication Date

Spring 5-29-2021


During the past year and a half, with COVID-19 raging across the globe, there have been many instances when there could be doubt as to where God is, queries as to what He is doing, and musing as to how we are going to get out of this situation. But, we must be constantly turning to the Word of God, and His promises, to have the assurance that; even though, sin is raging, God is still in charge and working things out in the best way Anxiety and fears can be turned over to God, knowing that He is the God of the universe.


Whether we have employment, health, familial, emotional or financial concerns, God is big enough for anything! God does not promise a perfect world; however, He does commit to being present in our hearts and in our lives, if we give Him permission.

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