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It is proposed that the observed Higgs Boson at the LHC is the Standard Model Higgs boson that adopts the existence of the hidden lepton condensate. The hidden lepton is in the forbidden lepton family, outside of the three lepton families of the Standard Model. Being forbidden, a single hidden lepton cannot exist alone; so it must exist in the lepton condensate as a composite of μ’ and μ± hidden leptons and their corresponding antileptons. The calculated average mass of the hidden lep-ton condensate is 128.8 GeV in good agreements with the observed 125 or 126 GeV. The masses of the hidden lepton con-densate and all elementary particles including leptons, quarks, and gauge bosons are derived from the periodic system of elementary particles. The calculated constituent masses are in good agreement with the observed values by using only four known constants: the number of the extra spatial dimensions in the eleven-dimensional membrane, the mass of electron, the mass of Z boson, and the fine structure constant.