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This work extends previous studies of molecules with main-group atoms to those also containing transition-metal atoms. The maximum oxidation states of group 3 to 7 atoms are succinctly described by the same algebraic equation that applies to ionically-bonded main-group atoms in molecules. Covalently bonded transition-metal molecules are characterized by the same equations that apply to main-group species, except that the octet rule is supplemented by the rule of 18, and a proposed rule of 12. Examples are given of organo-metallics with simple ligands and of transition-metal atoms in p-ring sandwiches. The solutions for a special case of the same equations apply to the gas-phase diatomic species which are of such importance in stellar and planetary atmospheres and in combustion devices.


This article was published in the journal Croatica Chemica Acta v.80 (2) 227-232 (2007).