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History, Egyptology, and the Bible: An Interdisciplinary Case Study from a Biblical Foundation


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This is a case study that follows the principles developed in the first conference paper presented in the Biblical Foundations for Faith and Learning Conference (Cancun, 2011) and specifically applies these principles to a problem in the narrow field of History, Egyptology, and the Bible. Due to political and ideological reasons the field of Egyptology has been largely isolated from biblical studies and the history of Canaan and Israel. In recent years, minimalist biblical scholars have challenged the long-held consensus that the peoples, places, and polities of Canaan and Israel existed in the second millennium. The biblical references to these entities have been re-dated to the sixth-third centuries BC, hundreds of years after the setting presented by the biblical writers. This paper will address these assumptions and provide new evidence from Egyptology that supports the geographical setting presented in the Bible during the second millennium BC. The conclusions are based on a book that will be completed this year, entitled, The Name Equation: Asiatic Peoples, Places, and Polities during the Egyptian New Kingdom. Its goal is to draw together the biblical, archaeological, and Egyptological data together for an interdisciplinary approach to the problem from a biblical foundation.