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Teaching Christian Biblical Concepts in the Classroom using an Enhanced Devotional Lecture


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There are many great ways to share Jesus and encourage the biblical Christian worldview in the classroom. These include three major teaching modalities: integrating biblical truths directly into the lecture as they relate to the course’s subject, giving devotional talks at the beginning or ending of class, and demonstrating biblical concepts by example—inside the classroom and out. This paper looks specifically at the devotional lecture modality. Classroom devotionals are usually, at the basic level, lectures, and therefore suffer from many of the disadvantages of the lecture. But lectures also have advantages. Done well, the devotional lecture can quickly convey a large quantity of information and can directly address topics that are unrelated to the course content and/or are difficult to teach through example, alone. The goal of this paper is to look at techniques that we can use in the classroom devotional lecture to mitigate the weaknesses of the lecture approach, while enhancing its strengths.