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Though the Heavens Fall


Adventist universities today are facing an exceptionally difficult challenge. No longer surrounded by a predominantly Christian culture, students enter Adventist universities having been exposed to the ever stronger tide of secularism and moral relativism. These ideologies teach them that there is no need to take a stand for truth since truth is subjective to an individual’s preferences: what one person considers truth, another considers wrong, and nobody has the right to say otherwise. Many students wrestle with the questions that arise as they struggle to reconcile their Christianity with these philosophies.

As Adventist educators, we are called to provide a spiritual and moral education to our students. We are to demonstrate to our students what it means to live out our Christian beliefs, to speak the truth in love and not hatred. We are to have the personal touch that Christ had with those who came to Him for help and with those who rejected Him. In short, we are called to pass on the torch of our Seventh-day Adventist heritage to the next generation.