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A Biblical Foundation to Discover God’s Circle of Calling for Your Life


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Calling is defined as a transcendent summons, finding meaning in a job, and making a difference in society. A majority of college students are concerned about calling and their careers. Some are concerned that they do not fully understand the origin of calling or what they are called to do. A student’s philosophy of calling influences their choice of careers. Sometimes choose a job for reasons such as prestige or pay which may narrow their view and limit their choices. An absence of a theology of vocation leaves many students with no idea of how their faith connects to their life work. Clarity is needed about matching their gifts to their vocation. Recognizing the voice of God and a willingness to listen reconnects the link between faith and career. A biblical world view or philosophy of calling is developed by exploring the origin of work at creation and using Bible characters’ experiences. Calling is actually a journey and not a destination that students can evaluate using steps in the Circle of Calling that is introduced. Increased awareness of calling through mentoring on an Adventist college campus can assist students in discovery of the biblical basis for God’s Circle of Calling. Practical examples of raising this awareness are given.