Journal of Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Research


Abstract: Experiments were conducted to verify a mechanism for the formation of cyclohexenyl cations from 3 and 4-methylcyclohexenes. Three concentrations of sulfuric acid were subjected to various concentrations of sulfuric acid: 80, 89 and 96% (w/w). For 3-methylcyclohexene, at the 89 and 96% concentrations, the reaction did not occur. The results showed that the region for experimentation is between 78 and 83% (w/w) sulfuric acid. For 4-methylcyclohexene, all but the highest concentration was successful in evaluating the spectra for possible cation formations. These small-scale experiments along with the data collected will hopefully lead to future research to gain a better understanding of the mechanism of cyclohexenyl cations.