Journal of Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Research


In this study, the researchers investigated whether chronological age differences had an impact on the academic performance of students in first grade. Twenty-nine (29) first-grade students were assessed and observed. Their teachers also provided data on their performance through interviews and grade reports. Participating students ranged in age from seventy-three (73) to ninety-two (92) months. Performance data was collected for the core subjects of mathematics and reading in both numerical and narrative forms. Data was then analyzed for relevant patterns. Participants were classified as either younger (≤85 months) or older (≥86 months). The younger group showed difficulties in mathematics, while the older group showed some difficulties in reading. The younger group also needed more teacher guidance. Teachers could use this information to offer specific support to students of varied ages. Further research could be done on the causes of the particular differences observed between age groups as well as on ways to reduce age-related performance gaps.