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Winter 2-24-2015


ShareSynch, currently available for both Windows and Mac OS X, is a presentation software application tailored towards evangelistic speakers with limited experience. The software has several essential features including the use of speaker notes during a presentation, support for independent slide and speaker note language, speaker note pagination with dynamic font scaling, editing of presentations and rich text speaker notes from within the application, and dynamic appeal video configuration. No known iOS application contains all of the PC software's essential features. In this paper, we discuss the design and implementation of ShareSynch on the iOS platform. The iOS version of ShareSynch, developed in conjunction with ShareHim, mirrors functionality currently available in the PC software and also adds new features such as dynamically generated PDF documents, downloadable sermon series, and a new file format that provides for reduced storage consumption. ShareSynch was published in the iOS App Store on March 2, 2015.