Alférez Salinas, Germán Harvey

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Spring 4-12-2024


In the last two decades various human language learning applications, spaced repetition software, online dictionaries, and artificial intelligent chat agents have been developed. However, there is no solution to cohesively combine these technologies into a comprehensive language learning application including skills such as speaking, typing, listening, and reading. Our contribution is to provide an immersive language learning web application to the end user which combines spaced repetition, a study technique used to review information at systematic intervals, and active recall, the process of purposely retrieving information from memory during a review session, with an artificial intelligent conversational chat agent both in voice and in text. The proposed solution created with Japanese as the target language and English as the understood or source language. One benefit of this approach is that two end users do not have to be present in order to encounter new words through a natural conversational context. Another benefit is that a given end-user can use the web application without the fear of offending another person who speaks the language to be learned. What makes the proposed solution, called Immersio, different than other existing applications is the combination of the space repetition system which is tied to the chat page. Immersio was evaluated by a native Japanese speaker. It received an average score of 3.24 out of 5.0 points out of seventeen questions. In terms of five open-ended questions, the reviewer likes the following: the chat page worked well and the grammar was mostly correct and natural. However, he dislikes the following: Part-of-Speech and the dictionary, which were not readily accessible. Also, he was unable to upload audio. Moreover, he indicated that the review page was confusing, and he could not hear most of the audio voice from the AI chat.