Christy Price



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This lecture is to help educators improve their mini-lectures by applying research and cognitive and educational psychology regarding attention and information processing and use some of the principles from the literature on effective communication.

A professor of psychology at Dalton State College, Christy Price, Ed.D. has been teaching at the collegiate level for twenty years. She is a nationally recognized authority on innovative teaching techniques to engage millennial learners and was chosen by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching as the Outstanding U.S. Professor for 2012 in the Baccalaureate Colleges category. Dr. Price won the Excellence in Teaching Award at Dalton State in 2007, and the University System of Georgia Teaching Excellence Award in the Two & Four-Year College sector for 2008/2009. She was also honored by the National Resource Center for the First- Year Experience and Students in Transition as an Outstanding First-Year Student Advocate for 2009.

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How Can I Create Effective Mini-Lectures