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This 90-minute seminar, led by Ike Shibley, PhD, offers proven strategies for technology to increase flexibility and access, improve student performance, and manage costs.

Ivan A. Shibley, Jr. (Ike), Ph.D., is associate professor of chemistry at Penn State Berks, a small four-year college within the Penn State system. He has won both local and university-wide awards for his teaching including the Eisenhower Award presented to a tenured Penn State faculty member who exhibits excellent teaching as well as mentoring other teachers.

Ike became involved in blended learning as part of an 18-month project to completely redesign the general chemistry course at Berks. As part of a team of six professionals who invested over 1,000 man-hours in the redesign Ike helped provide the pedagogical and subject matter expertise to help guide the redesign. The course has now been delivered in a blended format for three years with an average GPA almost 25% higher than previous years. Ike has taught the three sections of the course and is currently co-author- ing a manuscript about the results. Ike recently redesigned a nutrition course that was taught in a blended format that met only half the number of hours of a traditional course with comparable grades. He has presented his work on blended learning at numerous professional conferences and has become an advocate of blended learning.

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Finding the Right Technology to Support Learning Outcomes