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Fall 12-10-2015


Jack Blanco was born in Chicago in 1929 from immigrant parents Frederick Ross, from Austria, and Katherine Kiessling, from Germany. During the planning of the wedding, Jack Blanco’s father left his mother Katherine, she was already pregnant. Due to this circumstance, he was raised by his single mother, who worked in sweatshops and he was the only child growing up. He was left with various babysitters who he claims abused him during his mother’s absence. His life changed forever at the age of ten when he and his mother decided to visit his grandparents in Germany.

Jack Blanco’s experience during this time of war marked the rest of his life. The war ended in 1945, and finally, a year later he had the opportunity to go back home. Later on he was drafted for the Korean War, and during that time he discovered the SDA church, which is now his denomination. After witnessing two wars in his life time he got married to a young lady named Marion. He ended up working as a bible worker and then later on a Pastor. His wife and he share two children and grandchildren. In this interview, he shares his experience of how he ended up in Germany during World War II, and how he got out of Germany after the War.

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