Holly Miller

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The questions of what collegiate Seventh-day Adventists (SDAs) believe and practice and why was addressed in a survey given to 175 students at Southern College of SDAs that were baptized SDAs. Students were male and female and ranged in age from 17 and up. The survey specifically addressed meat and caffeine consumption. Results showed a high degree of knowledge and belief but a lower level of action based on beliefs. Chi-square testing using one degree of freedom at the .05 level of significance revealed a significant correlation of 5.20 between the amount of parochial education and practice of vegetarianism: results also showed adolescents having a higher tendency to avoid caffeine than their adult aged collegiate peerr with a significant result of 9.15. It was recommended that a different approach be used when transmitting SDA health guidelines to members. Members should be taught that a relationship with God is primary and that the right relationship would lead to the correct action regarding the principles that He has ordained for the best possible life.