Kerry Haggkvist

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The objective of this project was to find out the attitudes and awareness level of local Adventist people towards the Adventist Community Services Center. With this information the management will know how to appeal for the increased support which they feel is lacking from local Adventists. The surveys revealed that most local Adventists are supportive of the center and have a positive image of the work that goes on there. They generally feel that the center is "a good thing." However, many of those people are not very aware of what specifically goes on at the center. Since many of the church members appear to not need or take advantage of the center's services, their association with it tends to be strictly one of a donor. Consequently their knowledge of the factors surrounding ACS is very limited. There are several recommendations from this study. All of them deal with ways of increasing the awareness level of local Adventists concerning what the center does. It's believed that by increasing the awareness level of local Adventists ACS will receive the support they need from the area congregations.