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Spring 4-2015


There is a growing concern that recent graduates of colleges and universities are not performing up to par with employers’ standards. Research studies in career readiness have not clearly established definition nor measure of career readiness. In order to equip students with the skills needed to succeed in the work force, it is becoming increasingly important to understand the factors that hinder their career readiness. This study used the Career Thoughts Inventory (CTI) assessment as a standard measure to inform negative career thoughts or hindrances to senior students’ career readiness. Fifty-seven senior students were administered the CTI assessment and scores were analyzed comparing students on gender, ethnicity and area of study. Results suggested that senior students as a whole have higher negative career thoughts than other college students. However, there is no statistical significance between differences among the negative thoughts of seniors based on gender, ethnicity, or area of study. Career services centers must create programing and events designed to help seniors challenge and overcome their negative career thinking.

Keywords: Career Readiness, Career Thoughts Inventory (CTI), negative thoughts