Tym, Linda

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Fall 12-23-2019


This paper reveals common themes in literature about the turbulent changes occurring in pre-revolutionary Cuba. Included is an original communicative translation of selections from the memoir of my grandfather Gerzom Gomez from roughly 1935 to1965. He was coming of age in 1959 when Castro’s Revolution triumphed. The center of the project is a dialogic analysis of work by other Cuban authors writing during or about the pre-revolutionary period. Through the analysis, I discover that my grandfather’s memoir and the other texts share the following common themes: life in a military state, complicated family relationships, coming of age, and the realization, which comes too late, that the world is changing irreversibly around them. Gerzom’s memoir adds to the diverse voices of the Cuban diaspora as a representative of one of the last living generations who remember a time before the Revolution.