Feeling Flat


Mindy Herman

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Artistic Work or Expression

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I have chosen to express myself using basic aspects of design; predominantly color, on a two-dimensional surface. The form and movement are also essential in conveying the mood or "feeling" of each piece. Each piece is simple in composition and execution. At their root feelings are raw and basic to everyone. Everyone experiences moods and emotions that are universal to everyone. They may react to them differently, but the feelings are the same.

This, my visceral reaction to color, is what I have tried to capture here. I keep the feelings at their basic, primal meaning by keeping the picture plane uncluttered. My thinking and feeling about color is the starting place for each piece. We all instinctively relate certain colors to certain feelings. Generally reds are fierce and intense, blues serene and calming, and blacks dark and lonely.

From the color I extract what I feel from it first. Then I express that feeling for others in my painting to see how I react to those feelings. Here I provide them, the viewer, the chance to react to my reaction in their own way. In the various pieces I have used figures, movement, and texture to work in concert to express the "story". Each piece has a specific meaning or reaction for me that I experienced initially, but equally important for me is that the same basic feeling is presented to everyone. Here they have room to react for themselves and possibly see a bit of who I am. -Mindy Herman