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Fall 2013


This was a qualitative research study with the purpose of examining characteristic and/or behavior changes in children ages two and a half to four based on stimulating and nonstimulating room décor. The data in this study was collected while observing twelve children at the Kiddie Kampus Daycare in Collegedale, Tennessee. Changes in mannerisms, behavior, character traits, and attention span were logged first in the typical, non-stimulating room, and then logged again using the same twelve children, in the same room, during another week of observation after the addition of visually stimulating decorations. Most children exhibited clear reactions to the visual stimuli that were added to the environment. These reactions included violence, disobedience, lack of compliance, overexcitement, refusal to participate/interact with others, irritability, difficulty focusing, decrease of ability to concentrate, and an increase in fidgeting and restless behavior.