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“Clear the Way” was one of many posters issued by the United States government during World War I to encourage support of the war. The picture shows a woman waving the American flag above a naval crew in action at sea. The woman symbolizes the United States leading the crew to victory. Countries on both sides of the conflict distributed posters widely to garner support, urge action, and boost morale. The poster advertises “Buy Bonds Fourth Liberty Loan.” Liberty Loans were bonds that the government sold so they could keep up with the expenses of war. These were sold back to the government after the war. To obtain necessary funds for World War I, the United States Treasury issued war bonds. Propaganda posters were a popular form of advertising to American civilians to buy war bonds. Posters often depicted women and children, troops, and destruction to influence people to purchase bonds. The first four issues were known as liberty loans; the fifth and last was called the victory loan. The fourth liberty loan was issued September 28, 1918 (“The U.S. During World War I”, 2019). This poster was illustrated by Howard Chandler Christy in 1918. According to The Atlantic, Christy was known to be one of the most popular portrait artist in the Jazz Age Era of America. This poster was created and reproduced as a lithographic print at the time of its distribution.


WWI, poster, Liberty Loans, War Bonds, Clear the Way, Howard Chandler Christy, Jazz Age Era, lithograph