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“His Home Over There” was one of many posters issued during World War I to encourage support of the war. The poster features men standing in the snow entering a cozy building labeled the YMCA. At the top of the poster, the insignias of the YMCA and the YWCA are placed with the caption, “More than 2,000 such homes for our boys- United War Work Campaign, November 11-18.” According to researcher Michelle Ule, during WW1 the YMCA provided for 90% of the general welfare to American troops numbering over 4 million with the help of 26,000 paid workers and 35,000 volunteers. They provided entertainment for the troops and managed the US mail, helping soldiers write letters to loved ones. They also provided morale boosters with religious activities and even set up roller skating rinks. They also provided coffee, tea, donuts, and cigarettes at mobile canteens, where soldiers from the front lines could come a relax and recover. The Young Women’s Christian Association, or the YWCA, aimed to support the war efforts as well. During WWI, the YWCA was responsible for forming work councils, operating hostess houses on camp grounds as well as manufacturing areas. Their mission was to do its share for men in uniform, with its main purpose to meet the needs of women and girls, including the wives and families of servicemen, nurses and employees at military posts, workers in war industries, and others directly affected by the emergency needs of the nation. The local YWCA formed a patriotic league for its members and concentrated on food conservation and Red Cross work. Throughout the Great War, the YMCA and YWCA made significant and critical contributions to the war effort (MDHS Library Department, 2014).

This poster asked for donations for the United War Work Campaign for 17,500,000 dollars. The United War Work Campaign was created a the day WWI ended. It was formed by a coalition of America’s biggest organizations: YMCA, YWCA, The American Library Association, Jewish Welfare Board, Knights of Columbus, the Salvation Army, and War Camp Community Service. These groups combined were called the “Seven Sisters.” They raised money to help war-torn Europe and the troops that stayed in Europe well past 1919. The groups worked to put aside their differences to help the soldiers in Europe. This poster was created by American artist Albert Herter in either 1917 or 1918. Herter was best known for his work in interior design in New York. The poster was created and reproduced as a lithographic print at the time of it’s distribution.


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