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“Thousands of German Trophies” was one of many posters issued during World War I to encourage support of the war. This informative poster advertised the Chicago Government War Exposition which occurred on September 2-15, 1918. The poster advertised, “Thousands of German Trophies from the front at the U.S. Government War Exposition.” The U.S. Government War Exposition was a traveling exhibit designed to inform Americans about World War I and to garner public support for the war. The exposition consisted of various exhibits that illustrated trench warfare, new technologies, medical treatments and other activities related to the war. The Chicago exposition was attended by nearly two million individuals. The exposition took place in Chicago’s Grant Park on September 2-15, 1918. The Expo, designed to bolster public support for World War I, consisted of trench warfare re-enactments, air shows, displays of captured equipment, and other activities related to World War I. Although the Expo was sponsored by the Committee on Public Information and traveled to cities across the United States, the stop in Chicago was the largest. This poster was created by American artist Philip Lyford in 1917. The poster was created and reproduced as a lithographic print at the time of it’s distribution.


WWI, poster, U.S. Government War Exposition, lithographic print