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“Make Good the Promise” was one of many posters issued during World War I to encourage support of the war. This poster was commissioned by the Red Cross from an unknown artist in 1918. Before the war the Red Cross was a small and insignificant organization based in the U.S.. During the war, they saved money and provided help to the warring nations in Europe. Once the U.S. entered the war, the Red Cross exploded with volunteers and funding from the government. WWI made the Red Cross into a global organization that was capable of helping people around the world. The Second War Fund was asking donations in order to reach 100,000,000 dollars between May 20-27, 1918. The campaign was a huge success and they earned $166,439,291 from 47 million American donors. This poster depicts a map of America, the Atlantic, and Europe connected by a rainbow, with a pot of gold on one end in America, with the statement “Keep it Full”, and a ambulance on the other end in Europe, with the statement “Over There”. This was a very effective tactic in gaining massive donations for the war and relief effort. The poster was created and reproduced as a photomechanical print at the time of it’s distribution.


WWI, poster, American Red Cross, lithographic print, propaganda