Document Type

Presentation - Oral - to professional peers

The Challenges of Interlibrary Loan During COVID-19: A Brave New World



Date of Activity

Summer 6-29-2021


The pandemic that began at the beginning of 2020 forced libraries to rethink many of their work flows. Interlibrary loan was no exception. In particular, the most affected area was borrowing physical books. Though this area has always had challenges in a digital world, the pandemic forced our hand to come up with a faster solution for supplying print content to students and faculty. Because the cost of eBooks can be expensive, we turned to ProQuest’s EBook Central’s DDA collection for short-term loans, and it has made a world of difference to help us maintain relevance in a pandemic and virtual world. I will provide an overview of our interlibrary loan services, workflow changes, eBook Central, and mention other viable options we may explore in the near future.