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From Dreams to Legacy: How Chris Ramsey‘s Community Service Activity Turned into a Legacy.



Date of Activity

Fall 9-29-2022


Project personnel worked with a community partner and nursing faculty to identify a model for creating a mutually beneficial and successful long-term relationship in order to target and reduce health disparities among vulnerable populations. Using partnership feedback and results reported from a case study (the Southeast Tennessee Health Consortium).

NP students provided health screenings at a Minority Health Fair (MHF) sponsored by a local non-profit that attracts underserved populations. Post-event student surveys assessed educational benefits. Community participation was tracked and qualitative feedback recorded. Indicators of partnership success like expansion and reputation were explored.

Attendance increased over five-years of partnership prior to the COVID-19 pandemic of providing free health screenings at the MHF from ~4,000 in 2014 to 6,000+ in 2019. Qualitative feedback of 2019 MHF attendees suggests attendance has influenced positive lifestyle behavior changes. NP students performed 224-330 health screenings annually. Seventy-percent of 2019 students reported a “very good” or “excellent” experience (n=40). Qualitative feedback illustrated increased student preparedness for providing culturally competent care. The MHF has been virtual for the past two years.

In August 2022, NP students will again provide MHF participants with health screenings, offering BMI assessments, blood pressure screenings, glucose screenings, spirometry readings, cholesterol screenings, balance screenings, and one-on-one education with handouts. Student efficacy surveys will be administered following the event.

This case study provides a replicable collaborative model—where both Schools of Nursing and community agencies are participatory in establishing and defining the terms of partnership as equals—that fills gaps in NP education and community healthcare.

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