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Presentation - Oral - to academic peers, less than or equal to 1 hour

Be Bold: Practice Just Culture



Date of Activity

Fall 9-29-2022


Background: Providing students the opportunity to work with and learn from other healthcare professionals will better equip them with skills for future collaboration and teamwork (World Health Organization, 2010). Additionally, utilizing just culture principles within the healthcare environment promotes safer patient care through the recognition that humans make errors and need to take responsibility for those errors, but should not be held accountable for system failings over which they have no control (ANA Position Statement, 2010). Creating a culture where students/healthcare providers feel free to report errors and near-misses without the threat of a punitive response will allow identification and correction of system factors that may have contributed to errors (Helba & Courtney, 2013). This study explored students’ perceptions of Just Culture following an Interprofessional Collaborative Practice (MP IPCP) Simulation.

Methods/Results: A mixed methods design was utilized. Immediately following the simulation, participants were divided into role-specific groups and invited to complete the online survey and participated in recorded focus groups. Of 242 respondents, 89% strongly agreed or agreed that they felt comfortable reporting errors and near-misses; and 92% strongly agreed or agreed they understood how learning from mistakes can lead to corrective steps to provide safer care for patients.

Implications: Implications for nursing education include faculty being receptive to and advocating for innovative methods of preparing students for safer practice in a complex healthcare environment. Educators also need to provide a nurturing nonjudgmental atmosphere to encourage students to report errors and near misses. A just culture environment will promote learning from mistakes, whether individual or system, all with the goal of providing safer care.

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