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Association of Intergenerational Interactions on Emotional Wellbeing



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Winter 5-26-2023



Since Covid-19, there has been a tendency to isolate and keep to oneself. In an effort to decrease loneliness, evidence has found that wisdom can be a protective factor for loneliness (Jeste et al., 2021). Older adults who were either married or cohabiting and were well educated reported feeling fairly to very happy (Tan et al., 2019). Some additional factors associated with happiness were older age and a postgraduate degree (Isaac et al., 2021). There are benefits of intergenerational interactions with people with wisdom (Zhong et al., 2020). This study explored participants' socialization, loneliness, and intergenerational interactions.


This study utilized a mixed method design to explore participants' lived experiences. A convenience sample was used with the majority of the 665 participants being nursing students. Data was collected via an online survey utilizing Google Forms. The survey link was emailed and participants could complete the survey on an electronic device. For those who preferred pen and paper, a paper survey was made available to them. The data populated Google Sheets for ease of access for data analysis. Descriptive statistics were conducted on the quantitative data and thematic analysis was conducted on the qualitative data.


Just over half (51%) of the respondents said they were fairly to very social. The overwhelming majority (88%) self-reported that they were not or occasionally lonely. When asked about intergenerational interactions, the themes that emerged were in-frequent and frequent interactions.


As children of God, it is our opportunity and responsibility to share our Father’s love with those whom we come in contact with. One way we can do this is to reach out and connect with people in our sphere of influence. God created us to be in relationships and educating our students and parishioners to connect with others is a wonderful way to witness and share God’s love. Intergenerational interactions can enhance the wellbeing of the giver and the receiver.

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