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Presentation - Oral - to academic peers, less than or equal to 1 hour

Boldly Using Technology to Achieve Educational Objectives



Date of Activity

Fall 9-29-2022



Since March 2020, healthcare and academia have changed significantly. Most all classes transitioned to an online venue and even seasoned professors had to transition to teach from a technology platform. This shift caught many professors off guard. Even professors who taught online classes had to transition to synchronous and asynchronous content delivery.


In effort to provide students with meaningful learning experiences, the Florence Oliver Anderson (FOA) lecture series also went virtual utilizing Zoom. The keynote speaker was able to deliver his presentation from the comfort and convenience of his home on the West Coast since face to face classes had transitioned to online and synchronous on Zoom. While students were able to attend the lecture series and ask questions in real-time from the comfort of their homes. This study explored students' perceptions of attending the annual lecture series virtually.


Following the FOA lecture series, a feedback survey was provided to the students via QR Code and URL. The sample consisted of 253 nursing students. The online survey was created using Google Forms with the URL converted into a QR code for ease of access. The data automatically populated Google Sheets where descriptive statistics could be easily run. Qualitative thematic analysis was conducted on the data from the open ended questions.


Of the 253 participants, The majority felt the content was effectively delivered on Zoom. When asked for a take-away from the presentation, a large majority felt that this presentation was beneficial.


As educators, it is imperative that we boldly embrace technology to provide our students with a viable means of learning beit in the classroom or virtual. As educators we must Be Bold and utilize new technology to achieve our educational objectives. Since 2020, many people and especially professors have gained knowledge and skills utilizing virtual platforms. Professors who chose not to transition to the new normal, have changed their focus. Embracing the new technologies are essential to deliver content in the new landscape.

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