Document Type

Presentation - Oral - to professional peers

Adverse Childhood Experiences, Resilience, and Student Engagement in a University Statistics Course


adam heckFollow



Date of Activity

Spring 5-4-2023


Engagement is a fundamental aspect of the learning process. Exploring the role of outside factors on student engagement offers potential for eduators to tailor their pedagogies to meet the need of students who have experienced trauma. Researchers over the past couple of decades have begun exploring the role of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) on a whole host of different fields (health, education, etc.). This study examines the potential role that ACES and resilience may play in a student’s engagement levels within a university statistics course. Participants were college students from a university in the southeastern United States. Two survesy, an ACE inventory (Child Experiences Survey) and a resilience inventory (Child and Youth Resiliency Measure), were completed by each participant and from this group a selected number (25) were asked to participate in an interview. Analysis from the interviews pointed to a possible link between resilience, ACEs, and different aspects of engagement (affective, behavioral, and cognitive). This paper will discuss these findings.

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