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A Better Way to Educate for Disaster Preparedness



Date of Activity

Summer 8-8-2023



Advance planning, implementation, and preparedness are necessary for effective crisis response (Cowan & Rossen, 2013; Goodrum et al. 2018). The CDC (2019) emphasizes that high levels of uncertainty and complexity are part of any crisis response. Incorporation of simulation into pre-licensure/pre-certification education provides an opportunity for future healthcare workers to engage in life-like scenarios and gain practical knowledge in a safe. intentional, and orderly environment (Pinar, 2015).


This mixed method design utilized Google Forms as the online platform to collect the data from the high school, baccalaureate, and master’s students, along with community volunteers. The URL and QR code was made available to participants following the “hot wash” debrief. The data populated Google Sheets, descriptive statistics were conducted on the quantitative data while thematic analysis was conducted on the qualitative data. All data was anonymous and password protected.


The majority either strongly agreed or agreed that they felt more comfortable responding to a disaster. The majority either strongly agreed or agreed that they were better prepared to respond to a disaster following the simulation.


As Educators it is our opportunity to equip the Next Generation of Educators to be able to implement something better. As SDA Educators it is our responsibility to train and equip students to be prepared to respond should the need arise. We know that in the end-times there will be disasters of unforetold magnitude and the Next Generation needs to be prepared and ready to respond.

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