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Teaching neuroscience core concepts in an introductory psychology course: Does it make a difference


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Psychology has a long and involved history with the study of the human brain (Spear, 2007). With the burgeoning of information and exploding knowledge about the human brain, how much do college students know of the new findings about the human brain? The purpose of this study was to measure the knowledge of college students about ten simple facts about the human brain. Five research questions addressing knowledge differences as they relate to gender, major, and type of high school attended. There were 525 participants in the two semesters of this study. In Fall 2010 (Cohort 1) on average the participants got about 6 out of the 10 brain facts correct, the same for Cohort 2, Fall 2011. For both cohorts, there were no significant gender, academic discipline, type of high school attended differences in the percent correct on the 10 Brain Facts.

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