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Libraries and Archives in the Virtual Realm

Librarians and archivists, suddenly without access to their physical holdings and worried for their own safety and that of their students, researchers, and other patrons, had to adapt and innovate due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Moving services online, coping with increased demand but closed libraries (or adjusting to re-opened libraries with new restrictions), and dealing with the ever-shifting landscape—what adaptations or innovations, struggles or successes have you brought into the virtual realm?

Since the pandemic is still ongoing during the planning process, the Association of Seventh-day Adventist Librarians (ASDAL) Conference in 2021 will be held virtually for the first time in the Association’s history, and will focus on “Libraries and Archives in the Virtual Realm.”

Presentations have been translated into Spanish. You can find the translation document as an additional file on the bottom of each presentation's page.

Conference Host

McKee Library on the campus of Southern Adventist University is proud to virtually host ASDAL 2021. Since McKee Library’s doors opened in 1970, we have served the students, staff, and faculty as a place to study and inquire. To that end, we offer a wide range of resources, including print and electronic books and journals, online databases, and physical and streaming media. The mission of Southern Adventist University’s McKee Library is to equip learners through instruction, resources, and spaces for lifelong academic and professional growth. You are invited to view the McKee Library 50th Anniversary film for more information about McKee Library.

For event details, please see the ASDAL Conference 2021 schedule:

ASDAL Conference 2021