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Fall 11-2001


The product in this case study is the film Left Behind: The Movie—a screenplay about the end-time rapture. It was produced by Cloud Ten Pictures in partnership with Namesake Entertainment. The events that form the basis of this case occurred between 1996 and March 2001.i This case study places the teaching-learning experience in the context of the marketing management process for a consumer entertainment product. The emphasis is on distribution management and promotion. This case study is comprised of three sections:

1. Background information leading up to the point of strategic decision-making by Cloud Ten Pictures;

2. Analysis of the case, including a discussion of the strategic decisions that Cloud Ten Pictures made and implications of this case for faith-life integration;

3. Results for Cloud Ten Pictures in their marketing of Left Behind: The Movie.

At a more fundamental level, this case touches on the tension the Christian feels at the points where the sacred and secular connect. It is about living in this world while being a citizen of the next world and communicating the gospel in terms that contemporary culture can understand while confronting the culture of “this age.” At a still deeper level, this case ultimately is about how we gain access to God, who is both transcendent and immanent, a God who is eager to use the frailties of human relationships to transmit that which is enduring.

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