Poverty is fundamentally relational and its causes are radically spiritual in nature. Despite the many years of significant investments in development aid across the continent, current efforts to a large extend seem to be having little impact and poverty levels remains a challenge. Approaches seem to be treating only the symptoms and not the root causes of poverty. World Vision’s empowered world view approach, seeks to enable men, women and children to ultimately change behaviors in a manner that will ensure sustainability and positively reinforce resilience capacities to absorb shocks, adapt to change and transform risks into opportunities.

Available evidence from the piloting in World Vision Tanzania for the last three years is a clear demonstration that a consistent and systematic implementation of an empowered world view approach that is Biblically grounded, culturally literate and one defined by hope, can help break the underlying dependence mind-set and a sense of powerlessness and unlock the potentials within communities in realizing their own transformation.

It is also a call for development practitioners to join the dialogue and embrace a Christ-centered approach in order to deal with the root causes of poverty and help improve the improve of children and the communities.



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