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The Biblical Basis of Science


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Science and Religion are often viewed as conflicting, even irreconcilable. In this article, the inconsistencies and incompleteness of both atheistic science and irrational religion are considered, including:

  • an exploration of the “science vs. religion” dichotomy and why eliminating either results in an incomplete worldview;
  • consideration of the generally unstated underlying assumptions of the materialistic worldview;
  • the limits of reason, logic and science and the inconsistency of attempts to use science to disprove the existence of the supernatural;
  • the failure of atheistic materialism to adequately explain the universe; and
  • the importance and strengths of correct science within its limits of usefulness—why science must not be avoided by Christians.

Far from being incompatible with science, the Christian worldview gives meaning and consistency to science that is otherwise lacking.