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Developing Confidence in the Creator God in the University Classroom: Teaching Ecology in a World of Death


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In addition to starting each class with a worship oriented towards that day's topic, faith building concepts can be integrated into almost every lecture in an ecology course. Topics that deal with the structure of the earth and God's way of conserving nutrients through cycles show evidence of design and demonstrate His love and care for the world He created. Complex issues such as the role of death, competition, and food webs are governed by divine law. The realization that death, predation, and natural disaster recovery are actually governed by divine law may show the student that sin did not catch God by surprise. Rather, in the event that sin would occur, the processes that would keep life from going extinct were planned in advance. God shows that He cares about what happens to this world, even when it is in rebellion. Ecology illustrates God's love in spite of the "fang and claw" of sin.