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Professional Development for the NOW Generation


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Learning is a lifelong, continual process. The increasing capabilities of technology have changed how and when learning can happen (Yumurtaci, 2017). With the immense volume of information available on the Internet, adult learners are increasingly taking advantage of informal learning opportunities, but these can prove to be shallow, and one-sided. Both the professional world and higher education entities have struggled to identify and implement instructional design standards and processes to meet new demands for short segment, high quality, flexible, and nimble learning opportunities that are rigorous and relevant within constantly changing cultural, contextual, and technological environments (Friedman, 2016; Siemens, 2005). This is especially true for smaller, faith-based institutions (Prescott, 2010). There is a need for a re-envisioning of instructional design to support the ability to rapidly develop online professional learning opportunities; especially from a faith-based perspective with firm grounding in biblical truth.

This paper proposes an instructional design model for building professional development courses on a biblical foundation. Systems theory is used as a framework to understand the key elements needed for continual professional learning. What members of a profession know, do, and create form the subgroups from which learning outcomes can be derived. Understanding by Design (Wiggins and McTighe, 2008) is the curriculum development framework used. Approaches Jesus demonstrated in the Sermon on the Mount, specifically the thoughtful, practical, and relational aspects modeled, provide the NOW framework for connecting design stages, biblical truth factors, and learning outcome