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Receptivity as the Core of Biblical Decision Making


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Receptivity implies an openness to emotions, ideas, people, and counsel. For Christian leaders receptivity is a key component which allows God to work more fully through the leader to accomplish His purposes. Leaders inevitably make decisions. Within the realm of Christian leadership, decision making should be undergirded by Biblical foundations. Within this gap there is need for increased discussion that highlights the biblical principles from which to operate as well as development of context and potential antecedents. This contribution to the discussion addresses the importance of establishing a Biblical perspective for facilitating greater understanding for self and others with regard to decision making and its inclusion within an integrated context of Scripture, Christian leadership theology, and leadership theory. The influence of leader character with regard to embodiment of humility or hubris is proposed and vulnerabilities of decision making identified and discussed within this context. The Biblical theme of receptivity is then explored through the lived experiences and decisions of two Biblical leaders, Pharaoh and Saul/Paul.