About This Journal

The Journal of Interdisciplinary Graduate Researchwas established in 2015, seven years after publishing our first volume of The Journal of Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Research. Beyond our expectations, our undergraduate journal has been enjoyed and used for further research by tens of thousands of individuals around the world.

Such success did not go unnoticed by our graduate school. A ground swell of increasing numbers of the faculty and students strongly voiced a desire for the efforts of our graduate students to be potentially recognized in a similar type of publication. We have listened to these voices and have established this academic graduate journal which we believe will accomplish several worthwhile objectives: (1) offer graduate students the opportunity to express their ideas to a broader audience; (2) give evidence of the strength of graduate scholarship at our university; (3) provide an excellent opportunity for our graduate programs to be recognized while also highlighting the numerous degrees we offer; and (4) provide an opportunity for exceptional students to become published authors, thus giving them a competitive edge for future jobs and/or additional education.

Southern is the first Adventist university in the United States to produce a scholarly graduate research journal. Beyond Southern Adventist University, this journal is distributed to academic libraries, universities, individual subscribers, and through Knowledge Exchange, which affords this journal worldwide access.

For more information about the JIGR or to subscribe to the journal, call 423.236.2765. or email jigr@southern.edu.