Hall, Tyson

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Summer 8-17-2020


OpenCV is a popular tool for developing computer vision algorithms; however, prototyping OpenCV-based algorithms is a time consuming and iterative process. VisualOCV is an open source tool to help users better understand and create computer vision algorithms. A user can see how data is processed at each step in their algorithm, and the results of any changes to the algorithm will be displayed to the user immediately. This can allow the user to easily experiment with various computer vision methods and their parameters. EyeCalc 1.0 uses the Microsoft Foundation Class Library, an old GUI framework by Microsoft, and contains various bugs. This project recreated EyeCalc 1.0 with C# to create a back-end library and Windows Presentation Foundation for the GUI. The back-end library is written with .Net Standard 2.0, which will allow it to be easily ported to other platforms in the future. Various new features have been added, such as the ability to combine a set of operators into a macro, or the ability to add new operators without needing access to the source code.