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Interdisciplinary Journal of Best Practices in Global Development (Peer Reviewed Journals)

ISSN 2379-7142

Providing a platform of collaboration for the world's development experts and students.

Journal of Interdisciplinary Graduate Research (Peer Reviewed Journals)

ISSN 2150-7066

We believe our graduate academic journal will accomplish several worthwhile objectives: (1) offer graduate students the opportunity to express their ideas to a broader audience; (2) give evidence of the strength of graduate scholarship at our university; (3) provide an excellent opportunity for our graduate programs to be recognized while also highlighting the numerous degrees we offer; and (4) provide an opportunity for exceptional students to become published authors, thus giving them a competitive edge for future jobs and/or additional education.

Journal of Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Research (Peer Reviewed Journals)

ISSN 2150-7066

Every day, undergraduates across all academic disciplines are exploring the unknown, trekking in the direction of knowledge yet to be conquered. It is these investigative minds that move beyond the asking of the questions to the teasing out of the answers. They drive science forward. And that is our motive, propelling science. Within these pages you have been given the opportunity and privilege to witness a selection of such cutting edge research. Join us in their discovery, and be primed for inspiration, for that is how science moves.

The Journal of Biblical Foundations of Faith and Learning (Peer Reviewed Journals)

ISSN 2472-4114

The Journal of The Biblical Foundations of Faith and Learning (JBFFL) has been established to share scholarly papers building an intentional Adventist biblical foundation within courses offered on Seventh-day Adventist college and university campuses.