Trott, Timothy

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Summer 8-2-2023


Soil microorganisms participate in the diverse interaction within virtually all ecosystems, consequently affecting the associated human and animal population. Identifying how edaphic variables alter the functional and taxonomic diversity of the soil microbial community requires an examination of total microbial soil diversity and abundance. This research study examined the effect of soil depth and horizon on the soil microbial community composition of White Oak Mountain. The soil microbial community was characterized by 16S/18S/ITS rDNA amplicon sequencing of the DNA extract of six samples from the three major soil types identified: HcE, MoE, and uMvC. OTU clustering analysis and both alpha and beta diversity were analyzed to determine whether soil depth and horizon correlate with soil microbial community composition. This research project aims to establish a baseline of the representative soil microbial diversity of White Oak Mountain and provide data to be used as a reference for future studies