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Fall 12-8-2015


This study was conducted on a K-2 classroom, in which the researchers made changes to the classroom, such as desk positioning and wall décor, to see what impacts they have on the students’ on-task behavior. The researchers measured the students’ perceived levels of on-task behavior using a scale that they created. The scale was numbered 1-3; one meaning that, as a whole, the students appeared to not be on-task, two meaning that as a class the students appeared to be somewhat on-task, and three meaning that altogether the students appeared to be fully on-task. The results were measured based on the researchers’ observations. They concluded that the changes to the classroom did affect the students’ on-task behavior, yet the altering of the desk positioning made more of an impact than the changes to the wall décor. This reveals that teachers should attempt various classroom designs, in order to find what best suits the needs of the students and creates an environment in which they can stay on-task.

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