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Submissions from 1998

New Discoveries Among the Philistines: Archaeological and Textual Considerations, Michael G. Hasel

Configuring A Use Case Process, Timothy Korson

The Misuse of Use Cases, Timothy Korson

What Constitutes Acceptable Contextualization, Carlos Martin

Submissions from 1997

Biblical Principles for Choosing Literature, Rachel Byrd

John Foxe as Legal Reformer: Recommendations for Change in Law and Courts, Rachel Byrd

Thomas Bilney, Repentance, Salvation, Rachel Byrd

11 ways to ask for referrals., Michael E. Cafferky

12 Marketing Principles: Word of mouth guidelines that always work, Michael E. Cafferky

Three-Color Resonance Ionization Spectroscopy of Zr in Si, Resonance Ionization Spectroscopy 1996, Chris S. Hansen, W. F. Calaway, and M. J. Pellin

Sputtering Products of Sodium Sulfate: Implications for Io's Surface and for Sodium-Bearing Molecules in the Io Torus, Chris S. Hansen, R. Wiens, D. S. Burnett, W. F. Calaway, K. R. Lykke, and M. J. Pellin

. An Introduction to Biblical Archaeology. Journal for the Study of the Old Testament, Supplement Series 172., Michael G. Hasel

Egyptian Military Activity in the Southern Levant During the Late Bronze/Early Iron Age Transition: Retrospect and Prospect, Michael G. Hasel

Fortunate the Eyes that See: Essays in Honor of David Noel Freedman in Celebration of His Seventieth Birthday, Michael G. Hasel

Living on the Fringe: The Archaeology and History of the Negev, Sinai and Neighboring Regions in the Bronze and Iron Ages, Michael G. Hasel

The Campaign of Seti I to Beth Shan: An Interdisciplinary Perspective, Michael G. Hasel

Theological Dictionary of the Old Testament, vol. 7., Michael G. Hasel

Are you Neglecting an Important Asset?, Timothy Korson

Vision 2000, Timothy Korson

Encountering God in Scripture, Judson Lake

Evangelism in a Non-Christian Culture, Carlos Martin

Lessons from Evangelism in Taiwan, Carlos Martin

Submissions from 1996

Let your customers do the talking, Michael E. Cafferky

Isotopically selective atom counting using photon burst detection, Chris S. Hansen, R. D. LaBelle, M. M. Mankowski, and W. M. Fairbank Jr.

Domination and Resistance: Egyptian Military Activity in the Southern Levant During the Late Bronze/Early Iron Age Transition, Michael G. Hasel

Egyptian Interaction with Syria-Palestine in the Late Bronze/Early Iron Age Transition., Michael G. Hasel

Hesban After 25 Years, Michael G. Hasel

Israel in Egypt: Reading Exodus 1-2. Journal for the Society of the Study of the Old Testament, Supplement Series 135, Michael G. Hasel

La ubicacion de la Tecoa de la poca de Hierro y los Estudios de Amos, Michael G. Hasel

Encountering God in Scripture, Judson Lake

Managing Time Well, Judson Lake

Submissions from 1995

Genesis, Dominion, and Ethics: A Critical Analysis of Ethics Based on the Concept of Dominion in Genesis 1:26-28, Stephen Bauer

Patients build your practice., Michael E. Cafferky

The law of word of mouth, Michael E. Cafferky

Fundamentals of Programming: An Introduction to Computer Programming using C++, Richard L. Halterman

Photon burst mass spectrometry--ultrasensitive detection of rare isotopes, Chris S. Hansen, H. Oona, E. P. Chamberlin, N. S. Nogar, B. L. Fearey, X. J. Pan, and W. M. Fairbank Jr.

in the Merneptah Stela, Michael G. Hasel

The Archaeology of Ancient Israel, Michael G. Hasel

Submissions from 1994

Audience development: Talking them into their seats., Michael E. Cafferky

Word of mouth really works., Michael E. Cafferky

Early Mesopotamia: Society and Economy at the Dawn of History, Michael G. Hasel

In Search of 'Ancient Israel.', Michael G. Hasel

Reclaiming the Prophetic Mantle, Michael G. Hasel

The Architecture of Ancient Israel From the Prehistoric to the Persian Periods, Michael G. Hasel

Time Management in the Ministry: A Study of the Charles R. Hobbs Time Power System and Its Application to the Ministry, Judson Lake

El patriarcado y la inevitable subyugación femenina en Los pazos de Ulloa, Carlos Parra

Submissions from 1993

Build enrollment by word of mouth., Michael E. Cafferky

In the Merneptah Stela: An Evaluation of Current Interpretations as they Relate to the Origin of Ancient Israel, Michael G. Hasel

Submissions from 1992

The backbone of word of mouth marketing., Michael E. Cafferky

Me todos Nuevos para Tiempos Nuevos [New Methods for New Times], Carlos Martin

Submissions from 1991

Specific Models for Introducing Christianity, Carlos Martin

Strategies for Introducing Christianity, Carlos Martin

Submissions from 1990

The Change in Prophetic Interpretation and Views in Protestantism from 1500-1900 with a Special Emphasis on Lutheranism, Stephen Bauer

Submissions from 1987

Un Ministerio Compartido [A Shared Ministry], Carlos Martin

Submissions from 1985

Book review of Making Health Decisions, by Thomas M. Vogt., Michael E. Cafferky

Submissions from 1984

Autobiography in health promotion: Integrating the whole person,, Michael E. Cafferky

Submissions from 1983

Book review of Psychic Healing for Ministry Magazine, Michael E. Cafferky

Do mention it, Michael E. Cafferky

Submissions from 1982

The psychosocial dynamics of smoking cessation, Michael E. Cafferky

Whole health education: The religious worker's role, Michael E. Cafferky

Submissions from 1981

The significance of our health ministry, Michael E. Cafferky

Submissions from 1978

The Economy Impact of Andrews University 1976-1977, P. Willard Munger and Klimes

Needs Assessment for Berrien Springs and Eau Claire Community Education, P. Willard Munger, Klimes, and Bissell